About SpecialEffect

SpecialEffect is a registered UK Charity (1121004) that helps physically disabled players find ways to play and enjoy video games, when using a standard input device is difficult or impossible.

As well as creating a custom hardware setup for players, we often make use of the motor accessibility options and features available to aid a player’s access in the particular game they want to play. These settings can sometimes make the difference as to whether someone is able to play a particular game or not.

We created the DevKit to share with developers the specialised knowledge and experience the SpecialEffect team has gained from working directly with players, building an understanding of the barriers they face and options that can help, and to showcase the work developers have done to create innovative and accessible ways of interacting with a game using options they’ve provided.

We hope that by breaking things down in detail we can show developers throughout the industry how they might implement some of these options into their own games, and why they might be useful for players. We hope in turn that this resource will help developers to continue improving physical access for players globally.

Additional Work

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