1.2    Supporting Multiple Input Devices

Give players a choice of different input devices to play your game.

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1.2    Supporting Multiple Input Devices

Give players a choice of different input devices to play your game.

Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch allows you to play with many of the input devices that are available to the platform, such as the Joy-cons and the Pro controller, as well as allowing you to use any of the various configurations those devices support.

GNOG on Windows allows you to use various different input devices to play, including using a gamepad, or just a mouse if playing the mouse accessibility version of the game. Whichever device the player uses they will have access to all of the actions within the game, including the ability to navigate menus.

FIFA on Windows allows you to choose between a few different input setups, including using a gamepad, or a mouse. You can select which you’d prefer to use from the settings menu and it will apply to various different areas of the game.

Oceanhorn 2 on iOS offers the ability to play with either a gamepad or touch controls, and will interchange between the two depending on which device is currently being used. So if an input from the touch screen is used the game will use touch as its input source as shown by the touch controls on the screen, if a gamepad is then used the game will instantly switch to using gamepad input instead.

Platforms are increasingly including support for additional input devices, such as both mouse and keyboard now being available to developers as an alternative input to the gamepad on some consoles. Both GEARS 5 and Sea of Thieves support mouse and keyboard on Xbox for example.

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