1.5    Input Methods

Choose input devices that offer various input methods, or provide alternatives.

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1.5    Input Methods

Choose input devices that offer various input methods, or provide alternatives.

When thinking about which input devices to support in your game, consider the input methods available to each device, such as buttons and analog sticks, keys, a pointing device like a mouse, motion, touch, speech recognition, or even eye tracking.

Some players may have input methods they prefer to use over others, so the greater the range you’re able to support, the greater the chance that someone could play your game.

When playing Skyrim VR on PlayStation for instance, you can use either the PlayStation Move controllers for a largely motion controlled style of play, or the Dualshock controller, that allows for a more traditional button and analog stick method.

Some players may find touch input difficult or prefer not to use it, so try to add alternative options on platforms that support them. Sayonara Wild Hearts and Grindstone both allow you to use either touch input or a gamepad to play on iOS.

The buttons and analog sticks on a gamepad, as well as mouse and keyboard on platforms that support them offer physical access to a wide range of players, so aim to support those as a minimum.

You may have to consider altering the gameplay to accommodate players using different input methods with your game.

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