Developer Quotes

“SpecialEffect not only do incredible work with individuals, but are also leading the way in guiding developers to think about the wider audience, and to create games that truly everyone can access, experience and enjoy.”​

— Ted Timmins, Creative Director at Raven Software

“We’d like to give a huge shoutout to all the folks at SpecialEffect for helping us develop this new feature. It’s a subtle change applied only to a subset of all the objects in the game, but it allows players using mice and assistive point and click devices, such as eye gaze control, to more easily interact with the puzzles we’ve created. We’re so glad they’ve taken the time to help make this chill game of ours as accessible as possible.”​

— Nick Rudzicz, Programmer at KO_OP

“On Sea of Thieves we’ve worked on reducing input complexity when sailing the seas. This includes toggleable menus, auto movement, auto completing actions, and a Single Stick mode. SpecialEffect have been priceless at inspiring change within the studio. They’ve provided valuable guidance and feedback as we strive to improve accessibility at Rare.

Single Stick was shaped by SpecialEffect. After we reached out they offered initial suggestions, other games to look at for examples, and valuable feedback on pre-release versions. Their expertise and willingness to give us their time during development cannot be understated. Thanks to them the Sea of Thieves is now open to more pirates than ever.”

— James Thomas, Lead Engineer at Rare Ltd.